Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Surgery Update - Day 10 After Surgery

Hello everyone. I am slowing healing. Up to Valentines Day I hadn't had much problem with the surgery or bleeding. However on Valentines Eve (Day 10 after surgery) when getting ready for bed, I noticed that the dressing protecting my incision was soaked - I couldn't believe it as I hadn't had any problems or leaking. I panicked and was quite upset. My husband helped me change the dressing and I decided to go to the hospital. The doctor assured me that this is common. Apparently I had a build up of fluid in under my incision. So this had to come out. I will take it easy for the next little while and make sure I keep incision clean and free of infection.

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chillies and chocolate said...

Hi Shelly,

It seems that this is pretty normal and happens to a lot of people - hopefully you'll be OK now. Hope all is going well otherwise!