Monday, December 11, 2006

100 Things About Me

A friend of mine, Violette had on her website an entry that listed 100 things about herself. Apparently lots of bloggers do this so i thought I would give it a try.100 things about me…

1. I have a wonderful son, Matthew, he is my greatest accomplishment!
2. I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia
3. September 1, 1958
4. I have 3 sisters and one brother
5. I LOVE art!
6. My favorite style is primitive/naive/folk art
7. I have PMS - usually a couple of days before that time of the month
8. I am a computer nut
9. I love learning new things about art, new styles, new techniques
10. I love red wine
11. I enjoy spending times with my girlfriends
12. I color my own hair
13. I hate Disney World
14. When on vacation I hate to shop
15. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer
16. I had a lumpectomy
17. Pretty Woman was my favorite movie
18. I love neutral colors in my home (beige), sorry Violette!
19. I love my home
20. I’ve been blessed with many friends
21. My sister Tami is my best friend!
22. I can tell her anything
23. I would love to visit the Virgin Islands
24. I love spas
25. I love spa pedicures
26. I have a hot tub
27. I love turning trash into treasure
28. I love shappy chic
29. I love the tapestry look/gothic style
30. I love big, chunky comfortable furniture
31. My home is my sanctuary
32. I love my backyard
33. I love anything colourful and glittery
34. I love scary movies
35. I don't like the sight of blood
36. I love my husband dearly and I am lucky to have him in my life
37. I love to watch birds in my bird bath
38. I love to stay in bed late on Sundays
39. I love the great breakfasts my husband prepares
40. I have an over active imagination
41. I love omelets
42. I love Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
43. A favorite place to go in the summer is Natures Cottage - a great B&B in Mahone Bay
44. I love visual journaling thanks to my great friend Violette
45. I love trying new foods
46. I had laser eye surgery
47. I love the angel food cakes at the Tea Room in my town
48. Favorite restaurant in town is Jim's Place! His pizza is the best!
49. I want to paint a purse
50. I want to paint a pair of shoes
51. My dad’s name was Gordon
52. My mom’s name is Dorothy
53. I wear my heart on my sleeve
54. I love to sit and watch people
55. Violette is the most inspirational artist!
56. My eyes are hazel
57. Breast Cancer has made me stronger and more appreciative
58. I enjoy barbeques
59. I love barbequed asparagus
60. I love the shows: Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives
61. I hate to exercise
62. I love to decorate my home for the seasons
63. I hate to cook
64. I collect angels
65. I was 30 when I got married
66. I hate running errands
67. I like going to the movies
68. I love popcorn
69. I love dough pretzels
70. I love surfing the net
71. I enjoy scented candles
72. I enjoy relaxing music
73. I hate slow drivers
74. I love creating new art products
75. I love basil, my favorite herb
76. I love cream soups (brocolli, carrot and mushroom)
77. I can be impatient
78. I love talking about creativity
79. I enjoy the Oprah Show
80. I was a shy, quiet child growing up
81. Black and beige are my favourite colours, sorry Violette
82. I can be a disorganized person
83. I am constantly making a mess in my studio!
84. I hate book work
85. I am scared of snakes and june bugs
86. I don't have any favorite sayings
87. I love to read decorating books
88. I always carry a big purse or bag
89. My bag is always messy
90. I prefer a high sitting vehicle to drive
91. I try to learn from my mistakes
92. I love coffee too much - trying to drink more tea
93. I struggle to drink enough water
94. I love the computer internet game called isketch
95. I hate to have my picture taken
96. I wish I had fuller lips
97. I love to visit galleries and craft stores
98. I breast fed my son until he was 1 year old
99. I hate shopping for clothes
100. I have been blessed with a very creative, wonderful life and interesting challenges in my life!

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