Thursday, January 18, 2007

Studio and Grandmother

It's hard to put a good woman down....I couldn't believe it last night when talking to my mother. I asked for an update on my grandmother who is really not doing well at all....95 years old! My mother told me that she didn't get by to visit last Grammie was playing can you imagine that...Bingo.....she is quite amazing!

On another note....although exhausted from my medical appointment in the city...I mustarded up enough energy to try a new technique on my walls. I used a plaster type product on my walls and used a diamond shaped stencil and using the plaster on top of the stencil, I created a raised diamond shape on my wall. I did another smaller diamond raised shape inside the bigger diamond. Then I will paint the walls all the same color .....and hopefully you will see the diamond shapes on the wall....but to accent it even more....I have small mirrors that are shaped like I plan on adhering them on top of the diamonds to add a really nice effect in my studio. My walls will be a light beige...same color they are now.....with a punch of black and red accents. Anyways, I hope this I now have these plaster diamond shapes all over the there is no turning back now. Will load up a picture when they are done.

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