Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Studio & Computer

Well....nothing has been done on my studio of late. I am so anxious to have it finished. Hopefully this weekend. I can't get in there and start any projects until it is complete.

On a bad note....my computer got a virus...and I had to have it all cleaned off and have things put back on. So last night I spent several hours loading my hardware and software...and thankfully it is working again. I was fortunately not to have lost my art images. I had noticed that my computer was really acting funny for a few days and quickly went out to buy an external harddrive....I quickly loaded my artwork on there...and the next day my computer crashed.....

So for all my customers.....I have lost all your email addresses....sorry...but if you want to be kept on my notify list and my cd calendar list, please email me !


1 comment:

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