Monday, February 05, 2007


I just attended a funeral. Very sad.....I have been feeling a little out of sorts lately, and even maybe a little depressed. At the funeral, the grand-daughter got up and spoke, how amazing was that! A very strong young lady only 17 years old whom was very close to her grandmother!

I was dreading attending this funeral as these are very close friends of my husbands and mine, and due to the fact that I just attended my grandmother's funeral the week before, and was feeling a little down, I wanted to be strong for them and hold it together. Very very diffucult.

My husband went digging among all of his stuff and had found 2 cards and a picture he had received from this wonderful person who has now left us. She was like a second mother to him and was very supportive and encouraging to him when he was home from college and didn't know if he had wanted to go back and finish. My husband keeps everything. It was so nice to see these cards and picture.

It is sad that we all seem to be so busy in our lives, and when something terrible happens, we see old friends we haven't seen for a while at a funeral. Our best man at our wedding attended with us. It was so nice to see him. We haven't seen him since last fall.

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