Monday, February 19, 2007

The Homeless of San Francisco

From my balcony I took these pictures of the homeless. Really sad. Because I come from a small town, this is something I don't see. Many of them dug through the garbage cans looking for their next meal.


giggles said...

Yes this is very sad. It happens a lot on the West Coast too! They are trying to clean it up before the 2010 0lympics! They want to bus them up to the interior, poor things! So much mental illness and substance abuse goes along with homelessness!

Gemma said...

Hi Shelly...came here from Violette's message board....I used to live in SF....enjoyed your pictures (not the ones of the homeless though...that is sad!!!)

Kelly Kilmer said...

They've been doing horrible things to the homeless for years. It started with Reagan and the closing of alot of the institutions, not to mention the Vets that came home to nothing.
Living in Los Angeles is an eye opener. What they've been doing to the homeless on LA's skid row these last few months is despicable.
Thank you for posting the photos. More people need to realize that not everyone lives in a home (of some sort).