Friday, April 13, 2007


Well....I have finally done website has been updated and hopefully it is going to make it easier for people to find things......I still have a few little kinks to work out of it...but for the most part it is up.....I still have to update my products page and add my announcements/invitations. So please be patient!

I am also busy creating my line of rug hooking patterns. I plan on making rugs with my designs on them, and also doing up custom designs for people. I hope to also put together a catelog of my available rug patterns.

I am putting together a new card line....the image is smaller....they are peaking out through a small square which is cut out on the front of the card..and then glitter has been added around the square.

Two commissions to do...hopefully I will get a start on those this weekend.

I am also getting ready to put some of my items in I have to find some time to create some new paintings/hearts.

I also have in the works a new way of producing my art prints.....will tell you more once I get samples done.

Is there no end to the madness!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I just updated my site too.. but just my art history. LOLOL Kinda hard to figure out how to do all that stuff.
I sure wish that I could see your work in the gallery! Bet it's beautiful!

purple cucumbers folk art said...

just passing threw,come on over for a visit darling

Shelly said...

thanks Angela! and purple cumcumber!