Thursday, April 19, 2007


Good morning everyone! Well....I have been playing around with rug hooking kits...have some great ideas...but have to get the right type of burlap....didn't realize there were different types.....

Have my appointment to see my eye doctor about doing lazer surgery on the right eye again as I am seeing things!

Weather has been cold and terrible.....I keep waiting for the weather to get warmer so that I can take my little summer sports car out....but it has been too cold. Hopefully next week.!

My husband and I visited a wonderful man last night! (B.R.) Had a great visit! Hope to keep in touch with him on a regular basis! We all get so busy sometimes and forget to take time for others.

I have just stated another commission.....16 x 20.....lovely people from Ontario want a painting of their boat...and them on it.....challenging.....but I am always up for a challenge! Will keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Doctors appt. are always kinda scary. Hope that everything goes ok with the lazer stuff. :)

Sharon said...

Wanted you to know I just purchased "Cityscapes" from Rittemere-Hurst_Field" on Monks cloth. Can't wait to hook it. Was curious if I wanted a very similar pattern, but smaller scale and maybe some of the side/bottom of the picture cut out if that would be possible next time?

Shelly said...

Hi Sharon...thanks for posting....I am sure Rittermere could do that for you no

I am hoping to team up very shortly with another woman here and start creating
my own rugs.....I have a lot to learn though...presently, Rittermere create
certain patterns using my artwork...but I hope to do this myself....what is the
difference between monks cloth and primitive burlap?


Anonymous said...

I haven't actually seen primitve burlap but have been told it has a looser weave than Monk's cloth. Burlap tends to become brittle with time and if it gets wet, it will rot easily. Monk's cloth is a little tighter weave and 100% cotton. It does however stretch more than burlap but it is thought to be more durable and worth the slightly extra money. Monk's cloth can be purchased for under $15 (US) a yard so for most rugs it is not a huge increase.

I am still color planning the rug City Scapes) before I hook. I can't decide how many shades of grey/blue/black to do the skyscrapers in. Sometimes I lean toward just two and then others I think more is better. Thankfully I don't need to make that decsion before I start hooking the piece. I am really looking forward to hooking it, it will be the first purchased pattern I hook!

I look forward to your future designs. They shouldn't be difficult to translate to rugs. Just make sure they are printed on the straight of the grain.