Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Moth Problem

I have been having a moth problem in my garage going on now for 2 years...and of course each time we open the door to come into the house they must be getting in....so therefore, I am killing moths inside the house every day..."all year round"....so I got fed up and went and bought those bug sticky strips....well...they really work.....I have them all over the garage....I have about 12 hanging up in my garage. They are quite gross actually, and my husband is totally disgusted...but oh well, they are killing them. Twice we have taken our shop vac and vacuumed them up...but the next day they are back....so they either doubled in quantities over night, or some how got out of the bag and back out.....so I thought I would share these pictures with you!


Only a Paper Moon said...

Amazing, I have never seen soo many moths or ever heard of that bad of a moth problem. Thankfully I dont have a moth problem, but flies on the other hand were really bad in mid June. But thankfully those fly traps like you have worked wonders! ;)

Lisa said...

What a great idea. I'll keep that in mind. I've had that problem before.

I really love your hearts, Shelly. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. She's blessed to have you reach out to her in this way.