Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I have been busy updating my website and illustrating new watercolor images....and finishing up my new product line for Gift Tags. Now I have to get an actual sample line together as a lot of stores like to see the items in person rather then the website and I can't blame them. I find my products look so much nicer in person then on the website anyways.

On a more upsetting note......I noticed my digital camera HP 850 Photosmart....has a little chip out of the side where the battery goes.....my friend has the same camera with sort of the same problem...and it cost her a lot to have it fixed...unfortunately where there is a little chip missing from the actual camera base...they won't be able to fix it.....so I have a large elastic band around it now to hold batteries in place....very maddening.....I paid a lot for the camera and don't want to have to replace it quite yet...it still works...thank god.

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