Monday, February 09, 2009

Well hello 2009

Finally I am writing on my blog....not much new with dog izzy will be 1 year old this week....and I must say she is getting so much easier to look after. She now basically sleeps through the night...and is trained in the house. We recently installed an outside electric in-ground fence system so that contains her on our freedom for her.....and relaxation for us.

Had a great Xmas....not much new to tell there.

I just transferred my website from Aliant service to Eastlink service...that was quite a chore, but 9 hours later, I had it done.

I am heading away to Cuba April 3rd with great friend Theresa!!!! Yah....can hardly wait.

I've been going to the gym...which I still hate...but have to continue to go....

That's it for now....I have some new canvas hearts ready just in time for Valentines if anyone is interested!

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