Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Finished my new poem about Cancer.....

Cancer by Shelly Atkinson

When her doctor told her a lump had been found,
She was mad that her body had now let her down
She shook, she trembled, couldn’t believe her ears
There was a rush of emotions, and so many tears.

She wanted to shout, and yes, she cried,
And asked herself daily, the big question...WHY?
So she read all she could and asked questions galore ,
Wondering what to do, and not really sure.

The decisions she made, Were they right? Were they wrong?
Could she really go through this, for her child she’d be strong.
The surgery now behind her lying quiet in bed
Viewing her scars, feeling such dread.

Letting her child know that mommy would be right
Even though knowing, she was in for a fight.
Friends gather round her not knowing what to say,
But a hug and a smile, seem to go a long way.

Cancer, they call it...what an ugly word,
As she wipes away tears, vision now blurred.
She’s a survivor, each day she grows strong,
Being alone with her thoughts, just seems so wrong.

Her journal now helps her to sort it all out,
And acts as a reminder whenever in doubt.
Will the cancer come back? Only God knows for sure,
It is hoped that someday there will be a cure!

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