Monday, February 15, 2010

Bookshelf redesigned for fireplace insert with mantel and flat screen tv on top of that

My next project will be to have our present bookshelf in our familyroom re-designed so that we can have a fireplace with a mantel...and flat screen on top....I miss having a I am going to start to work towards having this done. The first image is our bookshelf we have now....the 3 under it are pictures I was playing around with adding mantels and fireplaces on top of my present
bookshelf to give me an idea of what it might look like. I can't afford to have the whole thing I am hoping to have it updated.

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Brabourne Farm said...

Hi Shelly

What a great idea to add a fireplace. I like the last image the best - I think the all white ties everything together and looks like it was all built as one unit. Hope this helps. Also, thank you for your lovely comment. Leigh