Sunday, June 29, 2008


I took one of my best friends for Chemo on, seems to be the only word that comes to mind.....I could not believe all the chemicals they injected into particular one was red...and can cause 1st degree burns if it leaks out, spills, or isn't injected perfectly into the vein...or at least that is how I understand amazed me that they could inject her with so much......I was also amazed at her bravery and courage! As the treatment went on.....she seemed tired so I told her to sleep and rest.....I brought my sketch book so doodled a little....but from time to time I peaked over at her and watched her while she was sleeping.....she looked so peaceful as she slept, but without her was a very touching and emotional experience for me. She is anything but frail! She is amazing. Not only is she having to go through chemo, then radiation, but unfortunately there is a lot of other shit she is dealing with....she has shown such strength and courage!


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Praying for your friend!!!

God Bless Her and Her family
and You and Yours!!!

Shelly Atkinson said...

thanks Flassie!