Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Finished up Commission....getting ready for Cuba

What a busy week.....went to my first dog show ever to see my sisters dog, Sulley...he is still a pup...9 months old....but what a good natured dog. He is an Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
Finished up a commission for the Bridgewater Museum of the old train station. Challenging, as I always get nervous trying to create something for someone else. I prefer just to paint whatever I want.....but it is finished, scanned, and the customer is happy....yah.......I am also getting ready for Cuba...I leave early Friday morning...and haven't even got my suitcase packed. Oh...did I mention...I work up until Thursday at 5pm....still need a pedicure...have to do up the laundry for hubby and son so that things are somewhat caught up.....I can't wait to get to warmer weather....I will be packing my sketch pad and water colors and enjoying painting on the beach. I hope to create a bunch of dog and cat images to use for a card line for raising money for our local SPCA.

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